Sunday, July 10, 2005

Couldn't sleep without this

Well, there is more you should know.

If anybody would hapen to contact Glen and question him about my words, I imagine he would deny them. For his privacy, and for more mystique surrounding the conspiricy. Of course, I imagine almost everybody in the conspiricy would do so.

I'm quite surprised that Glen is able to sound so much like a kid pretending to be some sort of insider. He has spelling mistakes, and he even uses for his hosting. Quite ingenious if you ask me. The way he does that makes it appear he is nothing more than a mere child having some fun.

The controller Glen leaked was nothing like the real thing, and as some of you know, alot of the different members of the Zodiac weren't agreeing with eachother. (yet another thing to make you think it was a fraud)
The fake pic was based off a mock up, but the actual controller won't be as extreme. I doubt Glen even knows what the controller really looks like.

Well, i'll try getting more from Glen tomorrow. I can't stay up too late. I have a business meeting in Vancouver, WA tomorrow at 12:00, so I need to get some shut eye.

Good night (yet again)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Zodiac Trio

The Zodiac Trio is currently big in N-Sider Nintendo Forums, and I have a few words.

Glen Georing (the man working at Phoenix) is actually Leo. I have talked to him closely about it, and right now, he is hitting the hay. He started somewhat of a cult at N-Sider, but it is all going as planned for him. All the pics tht were revealed are fake, I asked him about it on the phone. He used them as distractions. Currently, Leo was to create hype, and the nxt slew of info comes at the 19th. The other two, Aries (who is a real person by the way, read my other post) and Virgo were used as a distraction in this also. Virgo, has very little part in this entire scheme. Glen told me that somebody in New Hampshire was working with Virgo. I didn't get too much out of Glen this evening, but i'll go ahead and visit with him later.

I just wanted to clear some things up. Good night,

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Truth

The N-Game conspiricy has gained considerable momentum in the past few days. Reports of emails have been flooding into the N-Sider forums of Nintendo, and has created quite a buzz. Well, I have one thing to tell you, the N-Game conspiricy is true.

Nintendo is doing an attempt at Viral marketing again, and they are working with emails now. They have released an encryption website, called The website was made in Arizona, by Mr. Glen Georing. He is a very intelligent man, and I have worked with him before on numerous occasions, but that isn't the point. Notice the website takes a very close resemblence to, another attempt at viral marketing by Nintendo. The battle sphere, and the submarine, trade many traits.

Three people were sent out to create buzz, and mislead the public on Revolution matters. One being Aries, a man that was given certain dates, and was told some lies. Some were true, while others not. The other being Deeper Throat, a notorious person that was sending emails out in mass amounts at the N-Sider forums. He created quite a buzz, and the administrators told the moderators to delete or lock any threads relating to Deeper Throat, in order to create more buzz, and make the conspiricy even seem stranger. Lastly, is Fora_to_0, using the same method as Deeper Throat, sending an email out at N-Sider forums. For now, he has only sent out one, revealing information on, and also giving clues towards Aries.

The ON video is not true in the least, while some still believe in it. I won't go onto any details here.

The information that will be leaked out by Nintendo is a mystery even to me. I have no knowledge of what will happen, but I am in contact with Glen Georing, and that it how I got this information. Do expect a Space World or something on that magnitude this year.